The company

Masskampaaniad.net is the first full professional mass marketing company in Baltic States.
Masskampaaniad.net is founded in 2010.

The main goal of the company is to take the customer's product or service to crowds and make it visible to as many people as possible, therefore giving the product a well-known brand and reputation, which is used on a daily basis.

Our company offers 20 professional mass marketing services all over the Baltic States -
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Masskampaaniad.net main services are Promobike, Zeppelin and Promogirls.

The brand called Masskampaaniad.net belongs to SNAKE LLC.
SNAKE LLC is a part of international investment group Glamorous Investment Group.

The Clients of Masskampaaniad.net consists of acknowledged companies and organizations with good reputation,
who have long-term contracts with us.

Our team is highly professional, customer-friendly and committed.

Despite youthfulness, our management is experienced in advertisement business.

The company has a remarkable feature: the most beautiful Baltic States promogirls, who have worked as models or actresses, are part of our team.


  1. Make the customer's product or service lovable and usable on a daily basis.
  2. Make the customer's product or service visible to crowds.
  3. Offer exclusive and unique mass marketing services.
  4. Achieve a successful outcome with every campaign.
  5. Achieve the maximum well-being and satisfaction of the customers.



  1. Offer new and original ways to advertise products and services.
  2. Achieve a demanded, reliable and customer-friendly company position.



  1. Our company has a good reputation and valuable position in Baltic States advertising market.
  2. Our company offers well-paid and interesting work to numerous employees year-round.
  3. Our company has the largest number of frequenters in Baltic States advertising market.
  4. Our company has several branches all over the Baltic States.
  5. Our company is best known for successful results and customer-friendliness.

* Attention Customers! In cases where you dont get new Clients within 2 months after the end of the campaign,
we will refund you 50% of payed campaign sum.

* Offer is valid only for Customers, Not valid for our Partners.

* Applies for all services offered by Masskampaaniad.net.